Good Business Practice at Vion

Vion is committed to conducting business at all times in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Vion Code and all Company policies. Therefore, it is important that Vion is aware of all possible violations, especially those that are against the laws and regulations or violate our Code and policies. Vion's Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage everyone within Vion to report suspected irregularities in good faith and substantively. This revised policy sets out what and how matters should be reported and the procedure that will be followed once a report has been made.

There may be circumstances that suspected irregularities may be reported outside Vion. This could be the case if a report made internally within Vion was not followed up and the external reporting of the suspected irregularities substantively and in good faith were justified from a public interest perspective. In this situation the public interest would prevail over Vion's confidentiality. In addition, the exceptional circumstance that an internal report would not succeed in advance could under certain circumstances justify an external report. In the Netherlands, the advisory department (afdeling advies) of the yet to be formed Institute for Whistleblowers (Huis van Klokkenluiders) would be an institution where an employee in such exceptional circumstances could go to. The advisory department will be able to advise an employee on the steps to be taken in the situation that the employee considers an (external) report of suspected irregularities to be justified.

Employees* who report suspected irregularities will be protected and will not suffer for substantively reporting their concerns in good faith."

Vion’s Good Business Practice contains information on:

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower Policy

Fraud handling

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