Nutrition & Health

The following focus points have been formulated as part of this key theme:

  • Health
  • Nutritional and functional value
  • Food safety

VION develops products that contribute to a healthy diet. This product development is based on detailed insights into developments in consumer behaviour. For the majority of consumers, meat is an indispensable element of their balanced diets, but at the same time, consumers are more aware of the importance of a healthy diet.

Food safety
VION continuously invests in promoting quality and food safety knowledge, underlining the prominent place that food safety takes in the company’s operations. VION clearly distinguishes itself in the market in the areas of quality and food safety, aspects for which the company is renowned internationally. In the further development of chain quality systems, VION specifically aims to anticipate advances in quality systems for the primary sector. In addition, VION makes a contribution to linking these systems to those of the processing sector, such as the International Food Standard (IFS).

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