Stakeholders: dialogue and engagement

Vion Food is committed to good relations and dialogues with all of its stakeholders, including; employees, customers, consumers, all supply chain partners, local communities, governments and non-government organisations.

Our employees are essential to our success, and we focus on developing their knowledge and skills at every level.. We are committed to open and honest lines of communication, and use all appropriate methods (from staff briefings to employee newsletters and a dedicated intranet) to regularly update our employees.

Vion Food works closely with customers to develop innovative products. By doing so, Vion Food seeks to establish valuable and sustainable relationships. This cooperation is aimed at creating added value for the entire supply chain, and at reducing our carbon footprint.

Vion Food continuously invests in market insight information and data. Buying behaviours and product usage are focused on, with attitudes on topics as varied as food, health, animal welfare, sustainability, and innovation providing valuable insights to the business.

Vion Food values its partnerships with provision about, and cooperation with, all members of the suppliers, particularly with our suppliers in the primary sector; the livestock farmers. Structured communication with suppliers takes place across all the business units. Information supply chain is very important in order to strengthen an understanding of the importance of the farmer’s role by the consumer.

Vion Food is aware that there is quite a considerable ‘distance’ between citizens and food production in Western Europe. There is great pressure on the social acceptance of, particularly intensive, stock farming. Vion Food strives to improve the image that food production has and to decrease the distance between citizens and farmers.

Local communities
Vion Food supports its employees in being positively involved with the local community. In this way, Vion Food aims to help with the economic and social development of the local communities where it is active.

There will be continually works on giving substance to the dialogue with all relevant government authorities. The business units in the different countries follow up on country-specific subjects by liaising with national, regional and local government authorities.

Non-government organisations
Vion Food Group regularly consults with community organisations active in fields such as the environment and animal welfare. These include the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Dutch Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Deutsche Tierschutzbund, and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

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