Anuga 2013: CEO Vansteenkiste: “We care.”

Mr Vansteenkiste, VION Food places its trust in Anuga. You promise safe, high-quality products you can trust. Why?
STEFAAN VANSTEENKISTE: Because it is important to us. We keep our promises. Nothing is more important than complete confidence in the products we eat: our daily bread and butter, vegetables, lettuce, milk, water, fish and, in particular, meat.

Recently, consumers have lost confidence in meat products. What must be done to win them back?
STEFAAN VANSTEENKISTE: We must be more transparent and earn the public’s trust again. VION Food is one of the meat industry’s largest players. For many years, we have gone to great lengths to deliver peace of mind, quality and transparency across all steps of the process – for retail partners and consumers alike. We are an engine of change, driving safety and reliability in food production.
How exactly will VION Food achieve this?
STEFAAN VANSTEENKISTE: The public wants to know where their meat comes from. Our packaging features innovative QR code technology, linking to details about the farm where the animal was reared. As a result, consumers can contact our farmers directly if they so wish. What’s more, we can identify the individual animal a product originates from, even if that product is a single chunk of steak at the meat counter. That builds trust.

What roles do sustainability and animal welfare play in gaining the trust of both customers and consumers?
STEFAAN VANSTEENKISTE: We are building a trusting relationship with customers through our programmes to promote meat produced locally. There are already thousands of farmers on board. The food retail industry has recognised the need for greater consumer confidence. And we believe that can only be a good thing, so we are playing our part. VION Food and its dedicated staff are working hard to provide food from local producers, and to ensure dependability and sustainability, and animal welfare. That is what sets us apart. We Care.

STEFAAN VAN STEENKISTE is CEO of VION Food, with sites in Boxtel (the Netherlands) and Düsseldorf (Germany). The 49-year-old Belgian has studied at various universities in the USA, picking up bachelor’s and master’s degrees. For 23 years, he has been interim manager (CEO/Finance) at many international companies worldwide.

VION N.V. is an international food company with two core activities: Food and Ingredients. The Dutch-headquartered organisation produces high-quality foodstuffs and ingredients for human and animal consumption. In 2011, VION's sales revenue totalled €9.5 billion. In early 2013, VION employed over 21,000 staff. VION is not a listed company and has a single, agricultural shareholder, Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO), an agricultural and horticultural association with some 16,500 members.

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