VION hosts farm open evening


VION’s recent farm open evening attracted great support from all sectors of the red meat industry.   

Held at VION procurement team member Eric Lewis’s farm, the open evening saw around 120 farmers in attendance. 

Parts of a series of such events, the open evenings are an element of VION’s wider farmer communications programme. Aimed at improving farmers’ knowledge of processor and retailer requirements, the open evening also provided insights on key industry topics. A mixture of presentations and practical demonstrations, representatives from all areas of the industry were involved. 

Prys Morgan, VION’s Lamb Procurement Controller, welcomed everyone, before representatives from Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) held a live lamb grading competition. A prize donated by HCC was awarded to Emlyn Morgan of Tyngarn Farm. 

This was followed by a presentation on maximising profits, which included the effects of liver fluke on the producers’ stock and how it affects the meat processing industry as a whole, clean livestock policies, and the effects of poor animal husbandry - delivered by Kate Phillips from Agricultural Development Advisory Services (ADAS). 

John Richards, Industry Information Officer from HCC commented: “HCC is proud to have been involved with this event, which presented us with a further opportunity to support farmers in achieving the best possible returns from their lambs. Selecting finished lambs at the correct time and reducing carcass waste are two ways of doing this, and we were pleased to be able to communicate these messages at the open evening.”  

John Dracup, VION’s Red Meat Livestock Director, provided an overview on the red meat industry outlook, and confirmed how VION is supporting its producers: “The current economic climate is making it extremely difficult for our livestock producers.  As a leading processor, with a dedicated and high-quality producer supply base, we are as determined as ever to consistently deliver products of the highest quality, and support our loyal producers in doing so.  

He added: “It was superb to see so many farmers at the event, demonstrating their desire to understand exactly what our customers require. This commitment will ensure we continue to deliver high-quality products to the consumer.”    

To round off the evening, there was an excellent demonstration of meat cutting by VION butcher, Tony Burns, who provided an insight into the high quality product that VION delivers to its customers.




Note for the editors:


VION Food Group Ltd, the UK arm of VION N.V. VION Food Group Ltd produces and processes beef, lamb, pork, bacon and chicken, as well as a wide range of convenience products such as sausages, cooked meats and added value cooked chicken. The operation has extensive facilities across the UK from farms and hatcheries to primary production, processing and packing, and supplies products according to customer and market demands. The business is primarily focused on the UK retail market but also includes important foodservice and wholesale clients within its portfolio.


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