VION guarantees ‘uncastrated’ pork

VION Food Nederland will be able to supply Dutch retailers with pork from uncastrated animals as of 1 February 2011.

After a number of months’ preparation, VION has managed to give all its pigs an individual marker. In this way, VION Food Nederland guarantees the canalisation of ‘uncastrated’ pork enabling it to meet the growing demand from Dutch retailers for pork from uncastrated pigs. 

VION Food Nederland uses a taint detection programme which assesses every male pig for taint. Specially trained slaughterhouse staff conduct checks by heating the meat and then smelling it.

Marc van der Lee, VION’s Director Communications: “The societal discussion of castration has translated itself into growing demand. Thanks to our carefully prepared, large-scale approach we are able to supply tailor-made solutions to Dutch retailers for fresh pork from uncastrated animals”.