Animal health

As a food producer, we are aware of our responsibilities regarding food safety, product integrity, animal welfare and animal health. Animal health – and therefore animal welfare and food safety – is at the top of Vion’s agenda. This involves working closely with our supply chain partners.

We support our pig farmers with personal advice and give them insights into their technical results through FarmingNet, our online information system. Among other information, this system provides pig farmers with important knowledge about the health of their pigs. Vion actively works with the pig farmer, feed advisor and veterinarian to maintain healthy animals in the stalls and to limit the use of antibiotics as much as possible.

By adhering to a so-called waiting period in relation to the processing of pigs following treatment with antibiotics, the presence of antibiotic residues in the meat is prevented. In addition, we monitor all risks regarding animal health and food safety much more closely than legally required. We continuously strive to improve by monitoring, checking and taking appropriate measures where necessary.

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