Authorities disregard independent assessments

Date: 07-03-2014 Tags:

The decisions and action taken by the Minister for Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein against VION Food and its processing plant in Bad Bramstedt are incomprehensible. Unimpressed by the five objective and professional assessments carried out by independent institutes, which attest to the irreproachability of the plant and recommend the resumption of production, the Minister wants to maintain the shutdown of production.

Instead of entering into a dialogue, as offered by VION on a daily basis, and conducting transparent discussions for the sake of the site, the jobs and the regional economy, the Ministry is seeking withdrawal of the licence held by Schleswig-Holstein’s largest beef processing plant. There appears to be no discernible reason for the heavy-handed approach taken by the politicians and the authorities in respect of VION and the agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein.

VION vehemently objects to the reasons for the escalation of the situation provided by the Ministry on Friday afternoon and for which the Ministry is accountable, and will use every means at its disposal to defend itself. In addition to the accelerated legal process at the administrative court of Schleswig-Holstein, the company is looking into and preparing other legal measures, including a claim for compensation amounting to millions of euros.