De Groene Weg journey film: the ‘journey’ of organic meat

Date: 11-01-2019

Vion is more than just meat. We aim to be a leading, reliable partner in the food chain. Together with our pig farmers, we supply high-quality meat that meets market demand and we ensure a sustainable production method in trusted supply chains. Our organic supply chain ‘De Groene Weg’ is an excellent example of this. In order to inform consumers about the story behind this supply chain, a journey film has been made in which the ‘journey’ of organic meat from farmer to plate is explained.

Quality, craftsmanship and sustainability
The purpose of the film is to make viewers aware of the craftsmanship, sustainability and tastiness of De Groene Weg products. The pride with which the product is produced at each stage of the supply chain is shown clearly.

EKO label and EKO code
De Groene Weg’s organic supply chain is continually developing. An example of this, in the field of sustainability, is the EKO code that was introduced by De Groene Weg last year. All De Groene Weg pig farmers use this EKO code, providing substance to 12 theme areas within the EKO label. This ensures that the organic pork supply chain becomes even more sustainable, year after year. Good co-operation in the supply chain is of essential importance.

De Groene Weg journey film
As of today, the journey film can be viewed in the twelve De Groene Weg butcheries in the Netherlands, at the Vion and De Groene Weg websites and on our social media channels.
The journey film can be viewed via following link:

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