Pork concept with two-star Beter Leven label at Albert Heijn

Date: 14-06-2019

Vion chain partner within Boerderijvlees concept

Albert Heijn takes a next step in the area of animal welfare. As of this week, the supermarket is selling ‘Boerderijvlees’ (farm meat) from pig farmer Annechien ten Have. This Boerderijvlees has the two-star Beter Leven label. Annechien is the only pig farmer in the Netherlands who has this label. The Boerderijvlees concept is produced in cooperation with various partners in the supply chain: Vion and Agrifirm.

Since last year, pig farmer Annechien and her family have a brand new stable that has space for 4900 porkers and 600 sows. They produce fresh, more sustainable pork under the brand name ‘Boerderijvlees’ for Albert Heijn. Boerderijvlees is delicious and better for the animal and nature.  Annechien’s pigs have a better life, can choose whether they want to go indoors or out, have straw, and eat lupins and wheat. Annechien produces most of the feed for the pigs on her own fields and the manure from the pigs goes into the biogas plant, which in turn generates electricity. This pork has been awarded the two-star Beter Leven label certificate by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals because of better welfare for the pigs.

From field to customer
The very best products, fresh on your plate, demand supply chains that are as short as possible. That is why Albert Heijn cooperates intensively with a permanent core of farmers, growers, breeders and other suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad. This helps to get the best products into the shops in the best possible way. In this way, customers can be told exactly where the products come from, who is involved in the entire supply chain, what is in the products and which dishes can be prepared with them. This also applies to the pork from pig farmer Annechien. The Boerderijvlees pork is sold exclusively by Albert Heijn. Inclusion of Boerderijvlees in the product range in 60 shops throughout the country is one way in which the supermarket chain supports initiatives from the agricultural sector. The Boerderijvlees concept is produced in cooperation with Vion and Agrifirm.