Recall action smoked slicing sausage

Date: 22-03-2017 Tags:

Food safety warning because of possible listeria contamination

22 March 2017 – During a routine check, Vion has discovered the presence of the listeria bacteria in a number of packages of smoked slicing sausage. In consultation with the product’s customer (Jumbo Supermarkets), this sausage has been taken out of the market during the past weekend, and consumers of the supermarket concerned have been asked not to consume this product and to bring it back to the shop. When this bacteria is excessively present, the consumption of the product concerned may be a danger to health, especially for pregnant women, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system.

Food safety
Vion believes food safety is very important. For this reason, Vion works in accordance with a certified food safety system. The certification is done by independent parties. Apart from that, Vion is supervised by inspection bodies such as the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) and Vion carries out various quality controls itself. This serves to guarantee the quality and food safety of our products. If Vion has even the slightest doubt regarding food safety, it will always protect consumers by signalling deviations and by taking the required actions in consultation with our customers. This is now being done with this recall.