Salomon understands what its customers want

Date: 02-07-2019

GROßOSTHEIM – Salomon FoodWorld considers winning the Out.of.Home Awards a big compliment. The food professional won a prize in the Sports & Leisure segment. “Our customers’ opinion is very important to us,” emphasises Remco Kerssens, Head of Market International.

“This rating shows that customers consider Salomon FoodWorld an innovative partner that contributes to their increase in output by cooperating with them,” says Kerssens. “That proves, by keeping our promises, we are on the right track. I am proud of our team and would like to thank our customers for their vote.”

Kerssens believes that the food professional won the award because they always focus on the customer. That is the starting point when Salomon enters into a dialogue with customers. “We want to understand the customer and find a solution together. The appreciation we have received with this award tells us that our innovations and concepts are very appealing to our customers.”

Helping out businesses

Winning the Out.of.Home Award in the Sports & Leisure segment for the category Food is the highlight of 2019 for Kerssens. “This award is the biggest compliment we could have gotten. The success of the launch of our latest innovation, the #beDifferent concept, also exceeded our expectations. It confirms that we really know the market and understand what our customers want. That is what counts for us.”

Salomon has witnessed rapid changes in guests’ wishes in recent years and responds to this with a distinctive product range. “It’s no secret that guests’ wishes have become more demanding and varied, while at the same time a lot of businesses experience a shortage of skilled staff. Guests are also more concerned about meat consumption, increasingly switching to vegetable-based food solutions. Businesses are trying to significantly reduce their footprint, while not losing sight of the balance of their profit and loss account. Salomon FoodWorld responds to these developments with a distinctive range of vegan, hybrid and chicken burgers. These innovations meet the diverse wishes of guests as well as helping out businesses, because the products are frozen and therefore easy to prepare. This not only reduces the need for skilled staff, it also ensures less waste,” Kerssens explains.

Salomon guarantees wholesalers and businesses innovative products, but also delivers a constant and high product quality. “Our customers often tell us that our conceptual approach sets us apart from others and, more importantly, that we always keep our promises.”

Reaction from the trade:

“Salomon has an eye and an ear for all developments”

Sligro: “The vision with which Salomon approaches the market is well-thought-out and even scientific. They genuinely have an eye and an ear for all developments in the market around us, in all facets and disciplines. With this vision and the related products, they are capable of contributing to an increase in turnover and enormous quality improvements.”