US animal rights expert Temple Grandin praises Vion Crailsheim slaughterhouse

Date: 02-09-2014 Tags: ,

2 September 2014 – Temple Grandin, the world-renowned American expert on animal welfare and animal behaviour, has highly praised the slaughterhouse of Vion Food in Crailsheim during an animal welfare training exercise for McDonald’s. The slaughter practices of the Baden-Württemberg operation were the focus of a three-day seminar directed toward auditors, veterinarians, nutritionists and food technicians for the American fast food catering enterprise and its direct suppliers.

The distinguished professor especially praised the professionalism of Vion’s employees, and also the good functionality of the stunning facilities for pigs and cattle. Even in critical situations – such as with aggressive young bulls – the team continued to work calmly and efficiently.

Throughout her research, the scientist places great emphasis on animal welfare and the facilitation of humane behaviour, especially in slaughterhouses. The animals must be spared from pain and stress. “The animals do not experience any stress. The procedures are right,” Grandin concluded at the end of her visit. The other 41 seminar participants from Europe, North America and Asia also left with positive impressions.

Temple Grandin is not only famous for her professional expertise, but also because she suffers from autism and continues to brave the illness. In 2010 US director Mick Jackson produced a film about her life, with Claire Danes in the lead role. “Temple Grandin” was a great success and received numerous awards.