Vion announces management change Vion Pork

Date: 24-09-2018

Boxtel, 24 September 2018 – Vion announces the appointment of Frans Stortelder as Chief Strategic Projects from 1 January. At the same time, John de Jonge will be appointed Chief Operations Officer Pork (COO). Together with Maiko van der Meer, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), they will lead the division Pork and will be members of Vion’s executive committee.

In 2014, Frans Stortelder was requested to develop and lead a strategic repositioning of the Pork organisation. Together with the Pork management team, he developed a new valorisation strategy that has been implemented in various parts of the organisation. The result is a better connection between Vion and the worldwide market for Dutch and German pork. With the introduction of the Good Farming Balance supply chain in 2017, in which pig farmers can choose which module best suits their operations, Stortelder achieved an important improvement in Vion’s supply structure from pig farming businesses in the Netherlands.

Ronald Lotgerink: “Over the past four years, Frans has strengthened the Dutch agricultural and food sectors. With the introduction of the successful Good Farming Balance supply chain, the focus on returns and business operations in the pork sector has been improved across the entire supply chain. I am happy that we have experienced successors in the form of John and Maiko, who can continue to lead the organisation in the strategic direction we have chosen. With the appointment of Frans, I have established a strategically important position for the long-term strategy of Vion and the further development of strong supply chains in our industry.”

Frans Stortelder: ”I am very proud of the results that the team as a whole has achieved for the division. In my new role, I will spend more time ‘looking from the outside in’ instead of the other way round. I am happy to be able to help build on the new strategy, to further develop thinking in terms of international supply chains.”

From 1 January 2019, John de Jonge will take over the operational responsibilities for the division Pork from Frans Stortelder. Maiko van der Meer will assume responsibility for all commercial matters and will lead the development of consumer products for Vion Pork. In the near future, decisions will be made about how the various supportive departments within the Pork division will be managed. Both John and Maiko report to the CEO, Ronald Lotgerink.