Vion Boxtel invests heavily in odour improvements

Date: 26-10-2020

Vion Boxtel odour investigation results known

The investigation into the odour nuisance at Vion Boxtel, which was instituted at the end of last year, is almost complete. Research agency Witteveen+Bos has carried out an independent investigation into the odour detected in the surrounding area. All odour sources at Vion have been identified. Based on this, Vion has already implemented various measures to tackle odour sources. In addition, Vion wants to invest in a new chimney to which additional odour sources can be connected.

In consultation with the municipality of Boxtel, a licensing procedure will be started to raise the height of the air purifier’s existing chimney in order to reduce the odour nuisance noticed in the area. The investment involved has been estimated at around € 750,000. In the past year, Vion has already invested € 350,000 in odour control improvements as a result of the investigation. In total, Vion expects to invest more than € 1.5 million in odour reduction at Boxtel.

Comprehensive odour investigation
The aim of the investigation was to assess the odour situation and ascertain whether and how improvements could be made. Research agency Witteveen+Bos led the investigation. Today they discussed the findings with the focus group, consisting of local residents, at the town hall in Boxtel, together with the environmental service, the municipality of Boxtel and Vion. The investigation report will be published by 1 December. André van Boheemen, researcher at Witteveen+Bos: ‘‘This odour investigation has been more thorough than usual. As well as taking measurements at the odour source, field observations were also carried out by so-called sniffer teams, complaints were analysed and local residents were involved. All available techniques have been applied.’’

Chimney investment
The investigation has been somewhat delayed by the measures taken in response to the coronavirus. This meant that the laboratory had to be temporarily closed. John de Jonge, Chief Operating Officer of Vion’s pork Business Unit: ‘‘Thanks to the information gathered during the investigation, we have been able to implement targeted measures. This was also agreed with the municipality of Boxtel and the focus group. It is our intention to replace the existing chimney by investing in a new chimney for the air purifier. The aim of this is to reduce the odour in the surrounding area.’’