Vion chooses Leeuwarden for new beef site

Date: 14-07-2016 Tags:

Boxtel, 14 July 2016 – Vion chooses Leeuwarden as location for a new abattoir for cattle, resulting in short transport distances and better conditions for the animals at the centre of livestock farming in the North of the Netherlands. The new abattoir, requiring an investment of €15 million, will initially offer work to about one hundred employees.

Vion and the Waddenvlees group well-known, among others, from the brand Waddenrund, will provide the supply of cattle together. The new abattoir processes beef, including organic beef which is a growing market, and where Vion and the Waddenvlees group are joint market leader. The capacity will be about 2,500 cattle per week.

Francis Kint, Vion’s CEO: ”In Leeuwarden we will have a location at the centre of livestock farming in the North of the Netherlands. It ensures we can continue to work on sustainable meat concepts such as grass-fed beef, Wadden beef and organic beef. We strive for sustainable market chains, which are shorter and which benefit transparency, food safety and quality.”

Town Councillor Henk Deinum of the municipality Leeuwarden is pleased about the arrival of Vion: “Vion not only offers jobs, but also confirms that Leeuwarden is attractive for the agricultural sector. Vion strengthens the chain of dairy and beef in Leeuwarden and Fryslân. Furthermore, the sustainable operations fit well with our town and industrial park Zwette, and we see chances to link Vion to innovative applications in the fields of dairy, energy and water.”

Vion invests in modern and high-quality facilities
In 2014 and 2015, Vion invested significantly in its production locations in the Netherlands and Germany in among others Groenlo, Vilshofen and Landshut. A large expansion of the Waldkraiburg site will be completed at the end of 2016. This means that the company will have some of the largest and most modern high-quality facilities for slaughtering and processing beef in Europe. The project in the North of The Netherlands fits in with the strategy of improving animal welfare, regionality and having the best possible infrastructure.