Vion to concentrate cattle slaughtering in Bad Bramstedt

Date: 04-06-2015 Tags:

4 June 2015 – Having invested more than € 1.5 million in the technical facilities at its production location in Bad Bramstedt, Vion is now concentrating its North German cattle slaughtering activities entirely at this site. With a processing capacity of more than 3,000 animals per week, it can easily absorb the volume of the much smaller Vion production location in Anklam. Output at Anklam has recently dropped to as little as 700 cattle per week, and production is to cease there by 30 September, the shareholders of Vion Anklam GmbH have decided.

The site has already been working very closely with Vion Bad Bramstedt over the past few years. Nothing will change for Anklam’s customers and suppliers. The group’s efficient logistics will continue to supply retailers, butchers and the meat processing industry with fresh products as before. Vion Zucht- und Nutzvieh is and remains a reliable partner for livestock farmers who previously sent their animals to Anklam.

The Vion cutting facility at the Frankfurt am Main slaughterhouse is also due to close on 30 September. From then on, its customers in central Germany, butchers and retail will be supplied from the Vion sites in Hilden and Crailsheim.

Vion Food has informed the works councils and social partners of the planned closures and has announced its intention to start immediate talks on social plans and reconciling interests.