Vion invests € 8 million in production location Apeldoorn

Date: 01-03-2017 Tags:

Boxtel, 1 March 2017 – Vion announces that it will invest approximately € 8 million in its pork abattoir in Apeldoorn. The investment concerns a modernisation and expansion of the company. This makes it possible to comply with the highest certification requirements necessary for global sales. “Asia in particular is a growth market where we see a lot of chances for the optimal valorisation of pigs processed by us”, says Frans Stortelder, Chief Operating Officer of the division Pork.

The investments in Apeldoorn will improve the position of Vion in the Netherlands and on international markets, especially in Asia. Customers and legislators in Asian countries place high demands on the quality, traceability and certification of meat. Thanks to modern production methods, Vion has access to a large number of markets worldwide. In order to retain this position and to expand it, it is essential to make sure we have the most up-to-date production techniques. “Moreover, this investment in our production location in Apeldoorn will make it possible for us to work more efficiently and flexibly”, says Stortelder.

Expansion and modernisation
“We will invest in the modernisation and expansion of the entire procedure of pork processing in Apeldoorn: from the deboning facility to the expedition”, says Stortelder. “In addition to a major renovation of the processing halls, a whole newly equipped packaging room will be set up especially for the Asian market. A whole new refrigeration system for carcasses will also be installed. With these investments, Vion will be able to respond even better to the specific demands of customers when it comes to the product mix.”

Optimisation footprint
The investment is part of a larger programme which leads to an optimisation of the footprint. In this programme – which started in 2014 – the number of production locations in the Netherlands and Germany will be reduced, the capacity utilisation of the sites will be improved and the remaining locations will be drastically modernized and expanded. The renovations fit in with Vion’s aim to focus its policies significantly on valorisation (optimal value creation of animals processed by Vion) and a good balancing of the product offerings with the global demand in markets open to Vion, such as China, America, Japan, Korea and Australia.