Vion receives Albert Heijn Golden Calf Award

Date: 21-12-2016 Tags:

21 December 2016 – Annually, Albert Heijn organises a Partner day for its strategic partners, during which the past year is reviewed. Albert Heijn also gives an insight into the plans for the new year. This year, Vion was present at this Partner day for the first time and received a great award.

The Partner day 2016 was organised on Thursday 15 December in Cothen, province Utrecht. For Vion this first Partner day was very special. Specifically because Albert Heijn gave Vion a Golden Calf as award for ‘Forerunner 2016’ (Voortrekker 2016). Albert Heijn stated that Vion was a leader in the innovation of an animal-friendly pork chain (Good Farming Star). Francis Kint (CEO Vion), Frans Stortelder (COO Vion Pork) and Ron Lenferink (Commercial Director Retail Pork Vion Netherlands) received the award from the hands of Marit van Egmond (Director Sourcing & Merchandising Albert Heijn) in the presence of Wouter Kolk (CEO Albert Heijn). Vion received a special mention for ‘good affordability because of the successful introduction of optimised carcass valorisation’.