Vion reinforces further growth and innovation

Date: 19-09-2016 Tags:

Boxtel, 19 September 2016 – Vion and its sole shareholder NCB Ontwikkeling investigating financing possibilities to realise further growth and to make use of market developments.

After a period of consolidation and recovery of results, Vion’s management has drawn up a new business plan, aimed at growth.

Over recent years there have been substantial investments to improve the production infrastructure. Production sites were closed, and investments made to expand and modernise various location. During 2016 this process is continuing.

Initiatives to realise the possibilities for growth and expansion of the unique market position of Vion have been included in the new business plan. The market needs more modern slaughter capacity. For this reason Vion announced, last May, that it is building a new beef abattoir in Leeuwarden. Vion also wants to optimise the locations in the Netherlands and Germany for the export markets and will also continue to invest in customer oriented market concepts, both new and existing concepts such as Good Farming Star (animal welfare) and De Groene Weg (organic). This necessitates additional investments which can be financed in different ways.

Therefore, Vion and its sole shareholder NCB Ontwikkeling have decided to investigate various financing options. ABN AMRO is the financial advisor for this.