Vion reopens production location in Groenlo

Date: 03-06-2020

Boxtel, 3 June 2020 – Vion Food Group will open the production location in Groenlo tomorrow, following approval of the Security Region for northern and eastern Gelderland. Vion will introduce a compliance protocol for the entire organisation, with additional measures based on the protocol that went into effect in Boxtel yesterday. The protocol seeks to ensure protection of staff, so that all employees without health complaints can continue to work. Vion has introduced this compliance protocol at all production locations. The Municipal Health Service is monitoring the agreements made.

The key measures:

  • Vion will perform daily large-scale cleaning and disinfection, aimed at reducing the chance of the coronavirus being present. In addition to this cleaning and disinfection of the work area, the entire area will be disinfected by means of disinfecting air treatment. Vion has agreed to share any new insights it may gain with the Municipal Health Service.
  • Vion will introduce a daily health check, approved by the Municipal Health Service, which includes a test of the health and well-being of all employees upon arrival at the company. Vion will perform this health check every day, for all employees and visitors as well as for inspectors working on site. Vion will provide different language versions and interpreters.
  • In doing so, Vion focuses in particular on the health and well-being of migrant workers. Vion has already taken additional corona-related measures addressing the living situation and transport of employees and will extend these even further.
  • In line with Municipal Health Service test policy, Vion will be performing the health checks as of today. When employees, visitors or inspectors are found to have any health complaints, they will be refused access to the company and be referred to the Municipal Health Service for additional testing. Employees who have reported sick will, in consultation with the company doctor, also be put into contact with the Municipal Health Service for testing. The following policy applies to employees after their individual test results have been made known:
    • People who test negative are permitted to go to work, provided they have not shown any symptoms for 24 hours;
    • People who test positive and show symptoms must stay in isolation at home until they have not shown any symptoms for 24 hours. They may only return to work if at least 7 days have passed since the test result;
    • People who test positive and do not show any symptoms must stay in home isolation for 72 hours. If symptoms develop within this period, the policy from the previous point will be initiated.
  • Vion is working together with the Municipal Health Service on an ongoing basis in relation to medical matters, research and surveillance, and process and quality agreements.

The Vion website contains an overview of all measures taken to contain the coronavirus