Vion temporarily suspends activities at Leeuwarden abattoir with immediate effect

Date: 25-05-2018

Boxtel, 25 May 2018, Vion will announce today that activities at the beef abattoir in Leeuwarden will temporarily be suspended due to certain experiences in the new abattoir over the past few months.

Vion has ascertained that a few small details need to be improved at the beef abattoir, which was designed using the latest insights. The past few months have been used productively, to identify and investigate the ‘teething problems’ that can occur in a new and advanced beef abattoir such as that in Leeuwarden. In order to solve these issues completely, Vion has decided to use the coming period to make a few technical modifications. This can be done most effectively if the production process is brought to a halt.

In addition to technical improvements, Vion has ascertained that the inspection results paint a different picture to those at other abattoirs in the Netherlands. The coming period will also be used to clarify the reason for this difference. Vion is in contact with the Dutch Food and Consumer Goods Authority (NVWA) on the subject.

Vion regrets the developments in Leeuwarden and the effect they will have on its suppliers in the northern provinces and employees, but sees no other option than temporary closure.

The location was fitted with a viewing gallery to make the process as transparent as possible for visitors. This makes the company the first in the Netherlands to show the process to livestock farmers, students, journalists, government officials and other interested parties.

Vion has every confidence in the continued development of Vion Leeuwarden which, with a few technical modifications, will be further improved as the most modern beef abattoir in the Netherlands.


Vion is an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany, and sales support offices in thirteen countries worldwide. In 2017, Vion had a turnover of € 5.1 billion and 11,800 employees.



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