Vion shows origin of meat Good Farming Star

Date: 21-11-2016 Tags:

21 November 2016 – With the new website Vion shows a broad public how the supply chain Good Farming Star interprets the production of pork with one star from the ‘Beter Leven keurmerk’ (Better Life quality label) of the ‘Dierenbescherming’ (Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals). The website provides information about the origin of the meat and shows the pig farmers behind the product.

The new website shows that the ‘Beter Leven’ (Better Life) pork comes from Dutch pig farmers that make greater efforts for the health and welfare of the pig. Pig farmers are pictured with a brief interview and/or a clip. At the launch of the website, 4 pig farmers are shown; this number will increase over the coming months.

In addition, on the website Vion shows what distinguishes the ‘Beter Leven’ pork from the production chain Good Farming Star. The intensive cooperation with a fixed group of pig farmers is an important part of this. This enables the production chain to anticipate new insights and demands from the market flexibly.

The website is Vion’s next step in the development of Good Farming Star. This concept was introduced in 2010 and provides a framework for the one star ‘Beter Leven keurmerk’ from the ‘Dierenbescherming’. Vion meets the demand for more animal friendly and sustainably produced pork in the Netherlands with Good Farming Star. In cooperation with supply chain parties (livestock farmers and supermarkets) as well as civil organisations, the company supplies trusted pork from a secure and transparent supply chain.

With the decision made by more and more Dutch supermarkets and meat processing companies to include this meat in the assortment, the concept has grown substantially over the past years. In the meantime, 185 pig farmers supply their pigs within the Good Farming Star supply chain. They are organised in the suppliers association Starfarmers.

Earlier this year, Vion concentrated the slaughtering and production of meat within the concept at the location in Groenlo. The company invested 4 million Euros in this channelling, which enables a more efficient and flexible process. This investment fits in with the focus on the maximum valorisation of the pigs processed by Vion.