Vion superfood – the beef and quinoa pan fry

Date: 05-10-2019

Cologne, 5th October 2019 – Quinoa is the in-thing right now. The age-old annual plant from the Andes was unknown in Europe for many years. The pseudo-cereal, part of the amaranth family, was newly discovered in the 1990s. Quinoa is gluten-free and is particularly liked among consumers with a strong nutritional awareness since it contains lots of nutrients and is very high in protein and vitamins. The seed, which is cooked like rice, has been honoured by Vion in a new line of ready meals.

“A healthy balanced diet is increasingly important,” says Johannes Kölker, Managing Director of Vion Convenience GmbH. “We have experimented and in each case finally found very well balanced mixes for every taste.” The quinoa pan fry, which is now coming to retailers as a self-service product, is offered combined with delicious beef and vegetables as a “full meal”.”

With four flavours, the varieties differ significantly, so that there is something for every taste. The “Asia” variant gets its particular taste from wok vegetables and will particularly delight lovers of Far-Eastern cuisine. With bacon and green beans, the savoury “Bacon” variant is characterised by its heartiness. “Curry”, which also has carrots in it, will please anyone who wants something spicier. An extravagant, almost purple colour characterises the “Red Beet” variant. The red vegetable, seen as particularly healthy, goes perfectly with quinoa.

Johannes Kölker extols the positive qualities of quinoa. “It is a superfood,” he attests. Quinoa is low-fat, and in addition to a substantial fibre content, it is also rich in iron, which is necessary as a micronutrient for oxygen transportation in the blood and the formation of blood. “And quinoa goes very well with our beef,” he finds.