Vion transfers production activities of Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard to other locations

Date: 03-07-2019

BOXTEL, 3 July 2019 – Vion Pork intends to redistribute all of Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard’s activities to other Vion locations. Today, the management of Vion Pork announced the proposed closure of the Valkenswaard location. The redistribution of activities will result in a broader choice for customers, more efficiency and a more sustainable way of working.

Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard produces lard and fat. The main products include:
– barding fat: very thinly sliced slabs of fat for the white edging around certain processed meat products;
– lard: thicker sliced fat to be processed in other meat products;
– caps of back fat: for use in combination with ham products;
– other products, such as fat cubes, back fat, back fat trimmings and rind

Redistribution of production activities
The production activities of Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard will be redistributed to the Vion Scherpenzeel, Vion Emstek and Encebe Vleeswaren locations. Vion Scherpenzeel and Vion Emstek will take over Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard’s production of fat for the Japanese market. Encebe Vleeswaren will take over the production of almost all other products; this is the majority of Vleesindustrie Valkenswaard’s current activities.

Broader choice, high quality
Encebe Vleeswaren has invested in a new production technique, with which Vion can offer its customers a broader range of products. Only back fat from Dutch and German pigs will be processed. In the new situation, the fat will be available in all quality standards (QS, Good Farming Organic, Good Farming Star, Good Farming Balance).

Majority of employees relocated
Today, the management presented the proposed plan, which must be realised by the first quarter of 2020, to the Central Works Council for advice. With an optimal internal relocation, almost all of Valkenswaard’s 40 employees will be able to start work at other Vion locations. Over the coming period, consultation about a social plan will take place with the trade unions involved.

Important step
“The redistribution of activities is an important step for Vion,” says John de Jonge, COO Vion Pork. “This will enable customers to choose from an even broader range of products. Besides this, it also results in more efficiency and more sustainable production due to the decrease in the number of transport movements. Internal logistics within Vion will improve. Optimising the production chain is one of the focal points in Vion Pork’s strategy.”

Vion Food Group is an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices in 13 countries worldwide. In 2018, Vion realised a turnover of € 4.7 billion.