Vion wins first ‘Keep on Learning’ baton

Date: 26-03-2018

AgriFood Capital awards Vion employer’s prize

Vion Food Group has won the first ‘relay race baton’ for employers in the ‘Keep on Learning’ campaign of AgriFood Capital werkt!. AgriFood Capital werkt! is a regional employment market programme for North-East Brabant (NL). The baton is a recognition of the way in which Vion’s employees are able to continue developing. Sustainable employability is central to Vion’s HR policy.  

Raising awareness
Roy Paalman, Human Resources Director at Vion Food Nederland, accepted the Keep on Learning baton on behalf of Vion Food Group. Roy: “I’m proud that we have received the first ‘Relay Race Baton’ for employers. It shows how seriously we take training and development. One of the places where training and development takes place is the Vion Academy. We consider employees’ own efforts, initiative and, above all, awareness to be extremely important. Sustainable employability is one of the pillars of Vion’s HR policy. Investment in this ensures that employees remain proficient, flexible and well-prepared for the future.”

From employer to employer
The Keep on Learning baton is passed on each month from employer to employer, highlighting the companies and their initiatives in the field of sustainable employability. Employers can nominate their own initiatives or those of other employers.  More information about the campaign of ‘AgriFood Capital werkt!’ can be found on Besides that, HR-Director Roy Paalman illustrates – via – Vion’s policy regarding sustainable employability.