About FVZ Convenience

Why FVZ Convenience? Because we deliver excellent products? Yes, probably. Because we have an exceptionally wide, TOP quality range? Certainly a good reason. But we are much more than this. Before we roll up our sleeves to get started, we listen to you: What are your requirements? What solutions are there? Our consultants are kitchen experts, problem solvers, idea suppliers, consultants and marketing partners. They support you with advice and action – and, of course, with traditional specialties, trendy products and meal components for customers from the following industries:

  • Wholesale
  • Employee catering
  • Care catering
  • System, leisure and experience gastronomy
  • Campus gastronomy
  • Event catering
  • Hotels and restaurants

We continuously develop our extensive range according to market needs and your requirements. Ask us, and we will do it.


We are not complicated… and neither are our products

Daily life in a kitchen is already complicated enough. This is why we offer you easy solutions.

    • Very often, things change and plans have to be changed accordingly – we are flexible and adjust to daily challenges.
    • Quick work is crucial in daily kitchen life. This is why we work on individual quick and easy solutions.
    • We are ready to support you and your kitchen staff every day.

Just like your employees, our products must perform very well every day.

    • Whether raw, pre-fried or fried, our products will support you reliably in your kitchen work process.
    • Even at peak times and in large quantities, the top quality of our products will remain and will convince your guests.
    • Being deep frozen, they are available any time. And the other big advantage: easy and quick preparation.


We are honest… and so are our products

We convince our customers through open and honest cooperation. We know the market and the wishes of your customers.

    • Supported by our product developpers and our own production, we never stop working on the quality of our products.
    • In addition to our product competence, we provide uncomplicated and easy to understand advice.
    • We combine this with staying down-to-earth and maintaining a cooperation based on partnership.

Be sure: we create honest and reliable top quality products. All based and achieved by a spirit of craftmanship and tradition, of staying down-to-earth and of continuous innovation.

    • Our products are the real originals, for example the fried escalope and “Der Haxer”
    • Granted by Vion, our complete value chain is totally transparent for our customers.
    • Sustainability & animal welfare are the base of our daily work.


OUR GOAL: Create simply true delight together.

It’s so easy to achieve true added value for yourself and your guests: Attractive top quality products to make you feel well.

    • With favourite classic products of the German cuisine – made using traditional craftmanship.
    • Your guests expect more than just to eat: delight and good mood food count.
    • We achieve this with our original products – for example our “Original Haxer”.
    • Combined with our unique broad range of products – the right product for any individual taste.

    This is why we deliver simply true delight each and every day.

Meat – convenience at the highest level

The best basic products are prerequisites for your success. Popular classics, traditionally prepared but developed for today’s kitchen needs.
A satisfied guest is our goal, and also the reason you work so hard. We focus on quality, reliability and the diversity of our offer to achieve this goal time and time again. We have enhanced our varied assortment in recent years, continuously updating and adapting it to the demands of the market.
All of our delicious products are distributed exclusively through wholesalers and delivered frozen.

Rustic & Hearty

We offer a delicious range of rustic and hearty products, from our Original Haxer to other classics such as Spare Ribs and roulades.

Escalopes & Steaks

Choose between classic products like escalopes or “escalopes Rösti” in this unique selection of popular classics offered in various levels of convenience.

Minced meat

Savoury delight in any possible shape and kind. Traditional in taste and look, but still a vast variety. Our product range covers meat balls, cevapcici and Shepherd’s roll Greek style.


An attractive range of products for guests who love both light as well as savoury food. From chicken drumsticks to crunchy chicken escalopes, with recipes covering both the traditional as well as the exceptional way.

Vital & Tasty

Our selection for people with special elementary awareness who nevertheless love delicious food. Choose between filled bell peppers or courgettes – with meat or without as the vegetarian version.

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