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Visie, purpose & positionering EN

Vision, purpose & positioning

Our vision

Vion believes in a world where people enjoy safe and healthy food with good taste and good quality from sustainable sources. On a planet that is under pressure from the overuse of resources Vion wants to demonstrate that Vion acknowledges the reality of today and the impact of our industry.

Our purpose

By bringing people together we build future proof protein chains and provide Food that Matters. Since our products are an important protein source for the human body, Vion is aware of its vital role in a healthy lifestyle. Our products are at the center of the plate and reflect and meet the requirements of consumers with respect for animal welfare and product integrity.

It is our purpose to make a difference by leading our industry and making a positive impact on people and the planet. Vion is at the center of the food supply chain and we see it as our role to connect and balance demand and supply. By building lasting relations with people and share expertise we continuously make the chain stronger.


Strategic focal point

With customers and the future in mind

Vion is a player in the middle of the meat, meat products and plant based alternatives supply chain. We have long-term relationships with our farmers, logistic partners and customers, to deliver safe and healthy food to consumers all over the world.

Besides investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure to guarantee food safety, the innovations of our products and production methods help us meet the growing demand for sustainable processes and greater animal welfare. All this is done in dialogue with our stakeholders.

By participating actively in the societal debate around the meat industry we share knowledge and insights to bring balance in this debate. We also wish to contribute to solutions that enable our industry to implement best practices regarding the four major themes: animal welfare, supply chain (including traceability, transparency and product integrity), the environmental impact of meat production, and human health. In our CSR report you can read more about our CSR ambition. With this report we intend to stimulate the discussion with our stakeholders on these relevant items.

We are proud of the essential role that our company plays in the food industry. Delivering quality, in an open and transparent manner, with an eye for sustainability. All the while ambitiously working towards improved performance. That’s the way we do business at Vion.