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Corporate governance

Stichting Administratiekantoor SBT (STAK SBT) is the sole shareholder of Vion. STAK SBT has issued depositary receipts for its shares in the company. All depositary receipts are held by Noordbrabantse Christelijke Boerenbond, Rooms-Katholieke Vereniging van Boeren en Tuinders-Ontwikkeling (NCB-Ontwikkeling). NCB-Ontwikkeling is related to Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO), mainly because the board of NCB-Ontwikkeling has the same members as the board of ZLTO and the members of NCB-Ontwikkeling are also members of ZLTO. ZLTO is an association for entrepreneurs working in agricultural sectors and has approximately 12,000 members in Noord Brabant, Zeeland and the southern part of Gelderland.

On 8 December 2016 the revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Code) was published. The revised Code applies as of the financial year 2017. Because Vion is not listed on a stock exchange, applying the Code is not mandatory. Vion applies the Code nevertheless because it provides a sound and transparent system of checks and balances within a company to regulate relations between the management board, the supervisory board and the general meeting of shareholders that contributes to confidence in the good and responsible management of companies and their integration into society.

In accordance with the Code’s “comply or explain” principle Vion deviates from the Code’s principles and best practice provisions in a number of instances. Generally speaking, this is the case where the provisions are not compatible with its legal structure and the nature of its business or are specifically written for listed companies with a widespread ownership.

The required changes as a result of the revised Code have been made in amongst others the rules of procedure of the management board, the supervisory board, the audit committee and the remuneration, selection and appointment committee.

More information about corporate governance can be found in our annual report.

Governance documents

Please find below download links to the English governance documents.

Rules of procedure management board

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Rules of procedure supervisory board

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Rotation plan supervisory board

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Remuneration policy management board

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The articles of association of Vion Holding N.V.

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Our anonymous whistleblowing system for potential violations.
Call the free anonymous phone number: 0808 1963782

Good Business Practice

Our Good Business Practice Guide provides a clear and concise summary of how we interact with each other within our company and how we respond in certain situations. The guide contains information on our code of conduct (standards and values), whistleblower policy and our approach towards information security and fraud prevention.

Whistleblower policy

Vion is committed to conducting business at all times in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Vion code of conduct and all company policies. Therefore, it is important that Vion is aware of all possible violations, especially those that are against the laws and regulations or violate our code of conduct and policies. Our whistleblower policy is intended to encourage everyone within Vion to report suspected irregularities in good faith and substantively. More information regarding the whistleblower policy can be found in our Good Business Practice Guide.

Diversity and inclusion

At Vion, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued. We believe that embracing diversity is not only good for our organisation, but also for indivudual employees, teams and our consumers. Inclusion and ethical behaviour are of paramount importance tos us. Read more about this in our diversity and inclusion policy.