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Transparency about food and meat production methods is a theme that is growing in importance, and Vion is actively responding to this. Vion also believes in supply chain cooperation. For instance, our Good Farming concepts are based on integrated supply chain management in which we work on food safety, quality, animal welfare and health, traceability, transparency and sustainability.

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How do consumers think about food and meat? How much importance do they place on regional production? What sustainability characteristics should these products have? What role does meat play in consumers’ daily nutrition? The Vion Consumer Monitor answers these questions and uses the results to formulate current consumer trends.

The aim of the Vion Consumer Monitor, developed in collaboration operation with the research organisation GfK, is to better understand buyers of meat and the purchasing process. Vion provides retailers with in-depth information based on the Monitor’s results. This helps them to optimise their product assortment and shelf presentation to perfectly match market demand. Would you like to know more about the Vion Consumer Monitor? Contact us at consumer.monitor@vionfood.com.

Individuell zugeschnittenes SB-Frischfleisch. Fleischware und Fleischprodukte für Einzelhandels Private Label

Retail products

100% Organic bacon
100% Organic loin steaks
100% Organic Wienerschnitzel
BBQ Star Picanha
BBQ Star T-bone
BBQ Style meatball skewer
BBQ Fresh loin slices (marinated)
Vegan beef flavoured pieces
Vegan carpaccio
Vegan pork flavoured pieces

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Vion Adriaens
Slachthuisstraat 1,   9620 ,   Zottegem (Velzeke)
Vion Vilshofen GmbH
Aidenbacher Straße 78,   94474 ,   Vilshofen
Vion SBL Landshut GmbH
Am Banngraben 24,   84030 ,   Landshut
SFB Fleisch- u. Kühlcentrale GmbH
Industriestraße 22,   49451 ,   Holdorf
Vion Hilden GmbH
Westring 21,   40721 ,   Hilden
Vion FKM Furth im Wald GmbH
Marienstraße 21a,   93437 ,   Furth im Wald
Vion Crailsheim GmbH
Tiefenbacher Straße 70,   74564 ,   Crailsheim
Vion Waldkraiburg GmbH
Traunreuter Straße 7,   84478 ,   Waldkraiburg
FVZ Convenience GmbH
Natorper Straße 57,   59439 ,   Holzwickede
Vion Scherpenzeel B.V.
’t Zwarte Land 13,   3925 CK ,   Scherpenzeel
The Netherlands
ME-AT Leeuwarden B.V.
Curieweg 3,   8912 BM ,   Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
Vion Groenlo B.V.
Den Sliem 8,   7141 JH ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands
Vion Enschede B.V.
Het Lentfert 74,   7547 SP,   Enschede
The Netherlands
Vion Boxtel B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM ,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
Vion Apeldoorn B.V.
Laan van Malkenschoten 77,   7333 NP ,   Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
Encebe Vleeswaren B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
Industriestraße 19,   49767,   Twist
BestHides GmbH
Wasserbruck 3,   84174,   Eching
Der grüne Weg GmbH
Wilhelm-Bunsen-Straße 15,   49685 ,   Emstek
Vion Beef B.V.
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 10,   86807 ,   Buchloe
Vion Retail Groenlo B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands
De Groene Weg B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands

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