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Social media engagement guidelines

Social media engagement guidelines

Vion recognises the importance of transparency in communication and an open, professional dialogue. Via our company social media pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube we provide you with news and information regarding our business, activities and initiatives. We actively monitor and sometimes engage in the conversations around our brand, when we can add facts or help stakeholders to find what they are looking for.

On our transparency websites (www.vion-transparantie.nl and www.vion-transparenz.de), a direct dialogue is possible with veterinarians and specialists on all the topics concerning processes and activities. If applicable, we will redirect you to the forum on our transparency websites to ask your question to our experts.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when engaging with us on social media.

  • You are more than welcome to share your thoughts and opinions so we can all learn from each other. But, do so with respect for each other’s opinions, values and privacy.
  • Be polite and appropriate, even if you disagree. We do not tolerate swearing, discrimination, harassment, insults or the like.
  • If you share content on our social media pages (including, but not limited to, pictures, videos, comments and likes), you allow us to repost, use and/or copy this content free of charge in all cases.
  • We aim to respond to as many questions and comments as possible, but we reserve the right to use our judgement in selecting the questions and comments we respond to.
  • Be transparent. Do not comment or share content with a fake social media profile.
  • Stay on topic. Share comments and information that is relevant to the topic.
  • Keep in mind that content posted by others on our social media pages do not represent our opinion and view.
  • Vion owns all intellectual property rights (if any) of all content shared by us on our social media channels, unless stated otherwise.
  • We reserve the right to remove comments and content or report profiles that violate these guidelines.
  • Please note that we search social media, by ourselves or with the use of third parties, for relevant and publicly available content. This in order to improve our products or services or to address issues or questions.

Please also refer to our Privacy statement and the terms of use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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