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Intensive development, innovative products and extensive marketing support for customers: these are the three strategic spearheads with which food pioneer SALOMON FoodWorld (from Großostheim in Germany) has grown into a trendsetter and market leader in the field of food products for the out-of-home market for 20 years. Following global trends and the use of extensive market research have resulted in excellent performance from this producer of SALOMON FoodWorld’s three successful ranges.

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FVZ Convenience

FVZ Convenience produces high-quality convenience meat products and is the market leader in the deep-frozen schnitzel and shank products. It is considered the inventor of ‘oven-baked schnitzel’ technology, and the company’s convenience professionals from North Rhine-Westphalia were the first in Germany to apply modern American technology to the preparation of spareribs.

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Gastronomy and impulse channels: a consistent growth market in Europe

Food Service serves two segments in the food market: gastronomy and impulse channels. Gastronomy includes the more traditional segments, such as catering companies, canteens, restaurants and hotels. This segment is largely saturated and is affected by the economic situation. The other segment – impulse buying (snacks) – includes sales outlets such as convenience stores, the travel and leisure sector and entertainment facilities. This channel is young and offers many opportunities – a growing number of people now eat out and buy food at points of sale such as petrol stations and take-out restaurants.

The Food Service Business Unit has two production sites: one in Großostheim for hamburger patties and one in Holzwickede for schnitzels, pork knuckles, minced beef and chicken products. The business unit also has strategic long-term alliances with external production partners in both Europe and Asia. Meat is processed at the production sites into products mainly for the German market, but also for export to neighbouring countries. The Food Service business unit’s head office is located in Großostheim. The business unit had approximately 500 FTEs (including flex workers) at the end of 2016.

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Vegetarian & vegan
Meat specialties
Minced meat
Schnitzels & steaks

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Vion Adriaens
Slachthuisstraat 1,   9620 ,   Zottegem (Velzeke)
Vion Vilshofen GmbH
Aidenbacher Straße 78,   94474 ,   Vilshofen
Vion SBL Landshut GmbH
Am Banngraben 24,   84030 ,   Landshut
SFB Fleisch- u. Kühlcentrale GmbH
Industriestraße 22,   49451 ,   Holdorf
Vion Hilden GmbH
Westring 21,   40721 ,   Hilden
Vion FKM Furth im Wald GmbH
Marienstraße 21a,   93437 ,   Furth im Wald
Vion Crailsheim GmbH
Tiefenbacher Straße 70,   74564 ,   Crailsheim
Vion Altenburg GmbH
Am Poschwitzer Park 7,   4600,   Altenburg
Vion Waldkraiburg GmbH
Traunreuter Straße 7,   84478 ,   Waldkraiburg
Vion Bamberg GmbH
Lichtenhaidestraße 3,   96052 ,   Bamberg
FVZ Convenience GmbH
Natorper Straße 57,   59439 ,   Holzwickede
Ahlener Fleischhandel GmbH
Kruppstraße 18 Industriegebiet Ost,   59227 ,   Ahlen
Vion Scherpenzeel B.V.
’t Zwarte Land 13,   3925 CK ,   Scherpenzeel
The Netherlands
ME-AT Leeuwarden B.V.
Curieweg 3,   8912 BM ,   Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
Vion Groenlo B.V.
Den Sliem 8,   7141 JH ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands
Vion Enschede B.V.
Het Lentfert 74,   7547 SP,   Enschede
The Netherlands
Vion Boxtel B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM ,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
Vion Apeldoorn B.V.
Laan van Malkenschoten 77,   7333 NP ,   Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
Encebe Vleeswaren B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
Industriestraße 19,   49767,   Twist
BestHides GmbH
Wasserbruck 3,   84174,   Eching
Der grüne Weg GmbH
Wilhelm-Bunsen-Straße 15,   49685 ,   Emstek
Vion Beef B.V.
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 10,   86807 ,   Buchloe
Vion Retail Groenlo B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands
De Groene Weg B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands

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