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Quality labels and market concepts

With our Good Farming approach, we focus production on the specific wishes of customers and markets. Within this approach, Vion works in a demand-driven way in order to be able to deliver tailor-made quality. Thanks in part to recognised quality systems, tracking & tracing and a great deal of knowledge and expertise, we can guarantee certified quality. We see sustainability as an integral part of the chain. Animal welfare is also an important part of the Good Farming chain concepts.

Three demand-driven market concepts

At Vion we work with three market concepts, each of which meets the wishes of the market and consumers in its own way: Good Farming Balance, Good Farming Star and Good Farming Organic.

Good Farming Balance

The international market for pork is growing and developing strongly. Meanwhile, Vion has veterinary certificates for access to virtually all countries in the world. Different countries and customers ask for specific parts of the pig; customers’ requirements are becoming more and more specific. Moreover, customers want to make price agreements for a longer term more often.

In 2017, Vion introduced Good Farming Balance. A demand-driven chain concept with which we respond to the specific demand in international markets. Together with our pig farmers, we ensure that we can produce exactly the products that customers want, in the desired specification. This requires targeted coordination.

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Good Farming Star

Vion developed Good Farming Star especially for the Dutch market. In this chain, extra attention is paid to animal welfare and sustainability. This demand-driven chain concept came about in cooperation with, among others, the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the retail sector. On a Good Farming Star farm the pigs have more living space than in a regular farm. There is also lighting with a day and night rhythm and extra play materials in the stables. Within the Good Farming Star concept, piglets are not castrated.

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Good Farming Organic

A powerful organic chain from farm to fork – that is the demand-driven market concept of Good Farming Organic. Pigs within this concept are given plenty of peace and space to live and grow. Moreover, they have the opportunity to go outside all their lives. The pigs are fed organic feed. The meat is authentically delicious and has the highest standard of three stars of the Beter Leven quality mark and the EKO quality mark.

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