De Groene Weg welcomes its 100th supplier

Date: 20-02-2020

Groenlo, Netherlands, 20 February 2020 – De Groene Weg, the Vion subsidiary that focuses exclusively on the purchase, production and valorisation of organic beef and pork, has grown strongly in recent years. This month, De Groene Weg reached a fantastic milestone. In Barneveld, Hendrik-Jan van den Heuvel signed a supplier agreement with De Groene Weg, making him the 100th pig farmer currently supplying pigs to the company.

“It’s a great moment for De Groene Weg,” says Jan Leeijen. Leeijen is Livestock manager at the company, and he was present on behalf of De Groene Weg when the contract was signed. “We take great care in selecting the right pig farmers for our supply chain. Hendrik-Jan took over his farm from his father. His working methods, vision of the future and ambition perfectly match those of De Groene Weg.”

Partnership and personal approach
Van den Heuvel works with his wife at the pig farm that he owns with his parents, where they rear 300 pigs. When his father indicated it was time for Hendrik-Jan to take over, the switch to organic farming was initiated. “The organic method of rearing pigs appeals to me. It feels more authentic. Before long, De Groene Weg came into the picture as a partner. I consciously say partner, because that’s what makes the company so strong. De Groene Weg shares its thoughts and ideas, talks with you, and helps you solve problems. It’s a process undertaken together, with a personal approach.”

100th supplier
The pig farmer is impressed that he’s the 100th supplier, but also said, “It will probably be even more special for De Groene Weg. I’m particularly pleased that we can start supplying to De Groene Weg, after all, I have been working towards that for a long time!”

De Groene Weg
De Groene Weg is market leader in organic meat in the Netherlands. One factor that distinguishes De Groene Weg from the competition is that when the company, when it comes to pork, operates from a demand-driven, closed supply chain, and only deals directly with the farmer. Allard Bakker, General manager of De Groene Weg, says, “De Groene Weg gives high priority to collaboration in the supply chain, just as it does to making production more sustainable. Based on this, and our almost 40 years of experience, we’re committed to giving our customers in the Dutch and international organic segment the very best service.”

Growing demand for organic products
Over the past 15 years, the organic sector has grown tremendously worldwide. It is expected that the sector will continue to grow in the future. In the Netherlands, the sale of organic food has increased by an average of seven percent per year in the past five years. “Consumers all over the world are clearly showing more interest in organic meat,” says Allard Bakker. “There’s even talk of the market doubling in the next 5 years. De Groene Weg is exploiting these opportunities for growth with its range and sustainable supply chain.”

De Groene Weg
De Groene Weg is a subsidiary of Vion Food Group. The company runs 10 butcher shops in the Netherlands and sells products to various large retail chains, making it the clear organic meat market leader in the Netherlands. De Groene Weg exports a part of what it produces and has a strong position in, for instance, Germany.

Vion Food Group
Vion is an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices in 13 countries worldwide. In 2018, Vion realised a turnover of € 4.7 billion.


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