Grilling on point – TV chef Klaus Breinig at the Vion stand

Date: 05-10-2019

Cologne, 5th October 2019 – At the Vion stand at Anuga, the barbecue world champion, Klaus Breinig, is showing how to grill steaks and special cuts perfectly. The Rhinelander, winner at the World Food Championships in Orange Beach (Alabama) following victory at the World Championships in both 2017 and 2018, is the brand ambassador for the premium beef line, GOLDBEEF.

“I am happy to work with Vion because I highly prize their products and variety of cuts,” explains Klaus Breinig. He also offers customer workshops and reveals valuable grill tips. He is the master of his trade, and the grill and cooking scene know it. “If the quality of the meat isn’t right, then I can’t do much more on the grill,” he admits. With Vion, the premium product quality of GOLDBEEF in particular has won him over. “The steaks from both the Simmental and Holstein Friesian traditional breeds have a wonderful marbling, which are excellently suited to grilling.”

He is impressed that Vion offers an extraordinary range of fashionable cuts. “With new concepts like BBQ Star and COOL CUTS, Vion has captured the zeitgeist. We don’t always need the classic T-bone, rib eye or fillet.”

Breinig is happy if creativity is involved when dealing with food. The champion is impressed by the consistently good quality of all Vion products, from burgers to bratwurst.

Klaus Breinig can testify to this. He is a trained chef, runs his own restaurants and knows a lot of people, also by his numerous television and trade fair appearances. “I am always interested to know what people think of the taste,” he says. He says you never stop learning, and describes his own technique as “concentrated grilling”. To cook the meat perfectly, he says you need experience and also a high degree of alertness. “If it works out, you will be awarded a very particular aroma.”

Breinig has taught thousands of users the right way to grill. Regular customers come to his training sessions again and again. “The general level has risen in any case,” he notes. “There is a significant change in people’s awareness of what constitutes good meat and good food.”