Municipal Health Service and Vion conduct corona tests at Vion in Groenlo

Date: 20-05-2020

Boxtel, 20 May 2020 – At food company Vion in Groenlo, 45 of the 212 employees tested positive for corona in a spot check conducted by the Municipal Health Service. Because of these test results, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority NVWA has temporarily stopped its inspections.

Results of the spot check

The Municipal Health Service contacted us in response to requests from the border region to test Vion Groenlo employees who commute across the border. The Municipal Health Service decided to conduct an extensive spot check of 212 samples over the past few days. The results show that 21% of the samples are positive. All people tested were healthy. In addition, no further comments were made by the Municipal Health Service with regard to Vion’s procedures. As with an earlier visit by the Municipal Health Service to Scherpenzeel, no instructions were given for additional measures in Vion’s production conditions.

The Vion Groenlo employees who tested positive will go into home isolation and their housemates will stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. Everything is in accordance with the guidelines of the Municipal Health Service and RIVM, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. The other employees of the company in Groenlo were informed by management this morning.

Vion and the Municipal Health Service jointly study the spread of corona

Vion has implemented strict hygiene measures in all locations since the second half of February to prevent the spread of corona. In the context of reports about corona infections in the border region around Groenlo, Vion is working closely with the Municipal Health Service in the Netherlands to facilitate testing. Vion is a vital food supply company.