Management changes at Vion Germany

Date: 13-02-2020

Boxtel, Netherlands, 13 February 2020 – Bernd Stange, COO of the Vion Business Unit Beef, will be appointed as member of the new Vion Advisory Council (Beirat) for German operations…

Management changes at Vion Food Service

Date: 21-11-2019

Großostheim, 21 November 2019 – In 2020, the Vion Food Service business unit – with its strong brands Salomon FoodWorld and FVZ Convenience – will expand further its management competencies. …

Vion launches ME-AT, a start-up for alternative proteins

Date: 05-10-2019

Cologne, 5th October 2019 – The demand for alternative proteins is growing. Vion invests in demand-driven chains. Alongside the sustainable production of traditional meat, a new part of the organisation, ME-AT,…

Vion superfood – the beef and quinoa pan fry

Date: 05-10-2019

Cologne, 5th October 2019 – Quinoa is the in-thing right now. The age-old annual plant from the Andes was unknown in Europe for many years. The pseudo-cereal, part of the amaranth…

Vion expands Robusto product range

Date: 05-10-2019

Cologne, 5th October 2019 – Two years ago, Vion introduced its premium ham brand Robusto during the Anuga, the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair. The hams were developed for…

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