Vion opens largest beef production location in the Bavarian Waldkraiburg

Date: 29-08-2018

Waldkraiburg, 29 August 2018 – After two years of construction Vion officially opens on September 8, 2018 the largest beef company of the group in the upper Bavarian Waldkraiburg. The capacity has been increased to 5,000 animals a week. Since a few weeks, the operation is already under full load. Since 2016 the company has invested more than 20 million euros in the expansion and conversion of the site, which is one of the most modern in Europe. The German Animal Welfare Association (Deutscher Tierschutzbund) has just certified Vion in Waldkraiburg for the animal welfare label “Für Mehr Tierschutz”.

“The Waldkraiburg site is located in the heart of the Bavarian Simmental Fleckvieh breeding, so it was obvious that we are enlarging capacity as demand for high-quality beef increases,” says Bernd Stange, Chief Operation Officer of Beef Division at Vion. “We invested not only in quantity but also in quality and implemented the latest recommendations of Temple Grandin. She is the world’s leading scientist in animal welfare.”

From the beginning, the findings of the US animal welfare experts for slaughterhouses were included in the planning. The entire stable area and the stunning were designed according to their recommendations. After delivery, the animals now enter a waiting area with 280 seats, where they can rest. The operation takes place via collection drifts and a rondell very animal-friendly in two single drifts in the direction of stunning boxes. Vion monitors the entire area of live animals via cameras.

The meat production location Waldkraiburg was only a few weeks ago certified as the first cattle slaughterhouse in Germany by the German Animal Welfare Association for the animal protection label “Für Mehr Tierschutz”. Thus, Vion is a pioneer in beef with the animal protection label and has already signed many farmers who raise their Simmentaler Fleckvieh according to the special welfare criteria of the Animal Welfare Association.

90 percent of all animals delivered to Waldkraiburg belong to the breed Simmentaler Fleckvieh. 86 percent of all cattle come from the region, from a radius of up to 200 kilometers. This means a transport time of a maximum of four hours. EU-wide travel times of up to eight hours are allowed. Most of the beef from Waldkraiburg is marketed in Bavaria and southern Germany to local butchers and regional grocers.

100% Simmental GOLDBEEF and Simmental PUR are the brands with which Vion has made beef a quality product in the last years. The growing demands of consumers are also served with Dry Aged Beef. The raw material for these selected products comes mainly from heifers of the breed Simmentaler Fleckvieh from Waldkraiburg.

By expanding capacity at the site, Vion from Waldkraiburg is even better able to meet increased export demand. The Simmentaler beef is also highly appreciated in the gourmet countries of Spain, Italy and France. New markets for Bavarian beef are emerging in Asia, but Waldkraiburg also supplies the markets in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and North America.