Our innovative brands

De Groene Weg ('The Green Road')

De Groene Weg, a Vion subsidiary, focuses exclusively on organic meat. The market for organic beef and pork is expanding unmistakably fast. Ever since its foundation in 1981, De Groene Weg has been market leader in the Dutch organic meat sector. In the Netherlands, De Groene Weg has exclusive butcher shops and is supplier for a number of large retail chains. In addition, part of the meat is exported. The company finds itself among European market leaders.

Continuity and partnership are at the basis of De Groene Weg. The pig farmers that supply to De Groene Weg are part of a supplier association. This unique position means De Groene Weg is an extremely reliable supplier: we can trace the meat to the exact farmer that supplied it. Which is how we can guarantee tasty and high-quality organic meat. The butchers of De Groene Weg can be found all over the Netherlands.

Vion’s brand Food Family provides fresh pork and beef of the highest quality. Food Family stands for stringent controls of raw materials and meticulous processing procedures. The result is extremely flavourful meat of a constant high quality. Our professional logistics allow for flexible, efficient and fast delivery to our partners. This way, Vion can guarantee its customers nothing but the best meat products: fresh, tasty and safe.


We produce fresh pork under our Schweinegold brand name for exclusive markets and the meat industry in countries such as Japan and Korea. Japan and Korea are attractive markets for Vion, and Vion has been supplying specific high-quality cuts of pork to customers there for more than 20 years. Customers in these countries place great emphasis on quality and food safety, and the Schweinegold brand represents pork of a consistently high quality and secure production methods.

Windmill Pork is another Vion brand for the Asian market, currently aimed mainly at the Japanese market. Dutch meat products are popular in Japan and are also highly respected in the world market in terms of quality and food safety. High-quality pork is packaged under the Windmill Pork brand, the name and logo of which clearly illustrates its Dutch origins. These products mainly make their way into the Food Service sector.


In 2017, our introduction of Robusto meant the addition of premium quality pork products. Robusto guarantees the highest attainable quality of the raw materials for premium bellies and dried hams. Our Robusto hams and bellies meet with extremely strict quality demands and are hand-picked. The Robusto products stand out because of their weight, colour, fat cover, intramuscular fat, shape and consistency. Perfect for the top segment of the Italian and Spanish dry-cured ham industry and the Korean market for bellies. Additionally, its origins from a secure supply chain present essential added value for our buyers.

Encebe Vleeswaren

Encebe Vleeswaren has been a renowned name in the field of processed meat products since 1929. With thorough product knowledge and extensive experience in traditional processing, the organisation supplies basic products such as boiled sausages, cooked hams, liver products, dried sausages and smoked (bacon) products. The location also collaborates closely with customers to develop its own specialties and customer-specific products that are supplied to domestic and foreign wholesalers and retailers. Meal components are produced for industry in accordance with customer wishes. Quality, flavour and health are paramount. As a part of Vion, Encebe works on the basis of secure and traceable supply chains, and has an extensive assortment of organic processed meat products supplied from their own Vion Good Farming Organic supply chain.

Our demand-driven market concepts

Good Farming Organic

The Good Farming Organic chain is a strong one, stretching from farmer to dinner table. This meat has authentic flavour and natural origins. The animals are reared in accordance with (inter)national standards for organic pig farming. All pigs get plenty of rest and space, the better to thrive. Also, they are able to go outdoors. Good Farming meat has been awarded with the three stars of the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark as well as the EKO label. De Groene Weg – one of the Vion Food Group’s subsidiaries – focuses exclusively on organic meat.

Good Farming Star

The chain concept Good Farming Star, taking off in 2010, was the first large-scale quality concept in the Netherlands at the time. It pays extra attention to animal welfare and sustainability. Within this concept, Vion cooperates with well over 180 Good Farming Star pig farmers in the  Netherlands. In the supermarkets of Dutch retailers, the meat carries the single star of the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark. This mark, carried by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming), results in additional attention to animal welfare and health, such as more living space and playing materials.

The chain concept Good Farming Balance is a response to specific international market demands. Each country has its own preferences regarding the way in which meat is prepared and eaten. Together with our pig farmers, we ensure the production of the exact quantities that a specific market needs, in line with the exact specifications. This requires focused alignment. It is our belief that demand-driven chains are the future – which is why they are the starting-point for Vion’s policy. Our approach guarantees the permanent availability and quality of meat – in exactly the right volumes and customer specifications.

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