Vion’s FarmingNet online information system gives pig farmers insights into their results, including:

  • Insight into technical (weight, muscle and fat thickness) and financial results of the pigs supplied;
  • Information on the health of the pigs supplied;
  • Information on performance per department at the company and/or per location.

FarmingNet enables pig farmers to further optimise their business together with Vion Farming and the feed advisor or veterinarian. In this way, they can raise their business to ever higher levels in all of these areas. Pig farmers can also use FarmingNet to supply Vion with a clear overview of the animals they wish to supply, as well as information about feed and veterinary medicines. These data are important to the supply chain inspections carried out by Vion and for the legal requirement to provide food chain information (VKI). This enables us to work together on transparent, secure supply chains.

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