Good Farming Star

Pork with one star within the Beter Leven label

Vion developed Good Farming Star specifically for the Dutch market. Extra attention is paid to animal welfare and sustainability within this supply chain. This demand-driven supply chain concept was established in co-operation with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals and Retail, among others. At a Good Farming Star farm, the pigs have more living space than in a regular farm, as well as other advantages. Within the Good Farming Star concept, for instance, the lighting has a day and night rhythm, there are extra toys to stimulate the pigs, and piglets are not castrated.

In Dutch retail supermarkets, the meat has one star within the Beter Leven label on the packaging, administered by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. The packaging also has a GGN number – a unique 13-digit number linked to the producer. This number shows that the meat originates from a fully verified and transparent supply chain.

We co-operate with a stable group of committed Dutch pig farmers within the Good Farming Star supply chain. This group consists of some 180 family-run businesses that are united within the StarFarmers suppliers association.

Would you like to find out more about the Good Farming Star supply chain concept, StarFarmers and their production methods? Then please vitit: (only available in Dutch).

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