Special customer requests, regional differentiation and quality


As a European trendsetter in the beef sector, we attach great importance to food safety, sustainability and regionality. Vion would not be the market leader if we rested on our laurels, and our pioneering spirit and innovative strength allows us to constantly push boundaries at a European level.

Our beef products are mainly traded in our home markets in the Netherlands and Germany. However, additional sales markets in Southern Europe and exports to Asia are also becoming increasingly important. Thanks to our expertise and industry knowledge –combined with efficient and modern production technology – Vion can deliver large amounts of high-quality beef to a wide customer base. Transparency is one of our main drivers, and as a pioneer in this area we continuously engage in dialogue with society.

We attach great Importance to food safety, sustainability and local sourcing

Vion Consumer Monitor

We can only develop convincing and successful concepts for our customers in meat trading and the industry in general if we know the specific needs and requirements of our consumers. That is why we have collaborated with the market research institute GfK to develop the Vion Consumer Monitor. For years, this publication has been providing representative results about the meat product group, an overview of market shares, and insight into the developments of purchasing behaviour. We like to share this knowledge with our partners, as we conduct analyses regarding future potential and make targeted recommendations.

Our premium beef products

Our customers can choose from a wide range of fresh and frozen beef and beef products. Vion offers excellent customer service and is a reliable partner for the retail, food service and meat processing industry. Exclusive insights from the Vion Consumer Monitor form an active basis for the joint development of a customer-oriented product range. This allows us to create added value through targeted concepts and fast responses to customer requirements. Our local experts and globally-operating service offices keep aware of all developments and trends so that we can continuously reshape our sales channels. Reliability, quality and flexibility are very important to us.

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