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25 Years of Food Family: A quarter century of quality and trust 

Vion’s most well-known export brand was born in 1997: Food Family. In October 2022, it can look back on a successful international history as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

In 35 countries across the world customers place their trust in Food Family’s guaranteed high quality. From China to Greece, Canada, and Australia. But the brand does not just stand for quality. It also stands for high standards when it comes to food safety, animal welfare and transparency. This holistic view of quality goes without saying but is also legally required in Germany. It makes German pork and beef stand out for its highest quality on the international market. Vion successfully markets and strengthens the image of German and Dutch meat on an international stage with Food Family. That’s why Food Family products win the complete trust of customers and consumers, in many countries across the world.