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“Bavarian Ox” launch

We have launched a premium regional programme for ox meat in Germany in cooperation with REWE South and VVG Oberbayern-Schwaben.

Two years of preparation, three partners, 30 farmers and 540 supermarkets. All this was part of the “Bavarian Ox” launch. Behind this is a premium meat programme. Enabling the farmers of VVG Oberbayern-Schwaben to supply meat counters in REWE supermarkets across Bavaria from the Vion site in Waldkraiburg since October 2022. The Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber was there to celebrate the launch.

“Regional supply programmes are Vion’s speciality, especially here in Bavaria,” explained Willi Habres, Director Sales & Trademarketing Beef at the Vion Food Group at the launch event. “Bavarian Ox” will become yet another example of why strong, sustainable and demand-driven supply chains (BBCs) deliver greater value for everyone involved: from farmers, to food retailers, to consumers.

With “Bavarian Ox”, we guarantee its regional origin and the high-quality taste of an excellent meat. It is a premium product due to the additional effort put in by farmers and increased animal welfare – the animals are exclusively reared using methods rated level 3.

“Two years ago, REWE South decided to expand its own range at the meat counters in its supermarkets with Bavarian products based on a strong regional strategy according to these four cornerstones,” says Volker Hornsteiner, Chair of the Executive Board at REWE South. “In order to establish an equal partnership across all levels,” says Hornsteiner, “it was important to address both the farmers of VVG Oberbayern-Schwaben and the Vion Food Group based locally in Waldkraiburg.”