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ME-AT the alternative: German traditional products made vegan

When outer and inner values match: Vion Food Group’s vegan brand presents vegan sausages, Leberk√§se and Sauerbraten made from plant-based ingredients. The popular German products not only look amazingly similar to the animal originals, they also have a convincing taste.

The vision of ME-AT the alternative is to encourage and facilitate protein transformation through the production of high-quality fish and meat alternatives. Many people recognise the need to get their protein intake from various sources, including plant sources. However, they often do not do so because of habits, social environment or positive memories closely associated with animal foods. This is where ME-AT the alternative comes in: Their vegan products offer the taste, texture and culinary experience of traditional meat and fish products.

“Our food designers have now ‘reinvented’ three true classics especially for German taste buds: vegan sausages, Leberk√§se and Sauerbraten,” says Milos van Moorsel, Business Development Manager Plant-Based at Vion. “The focus was not only on getting as close as possible to the original, but also on a positive nutritional profile. We are sure that our reinterpretations will soon find their fans.”

ME-AT the alternative believes that sustainable food production starts with the selection of raw materials and always keeps an eye on protein sources. The soya used comes 100% from the EU or North America and is always deforestation-free. Wheat comes from the EU and potatoes from the Netherlands. The Netherlands also already has its own locally grown faba bean chain.

All three products are ready for production and can be produced by ME-AT the alternative as private labels for food wholesalers, retailers and discounters – also as promotional items. The recipes can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Meat the alternative produces for the European markets, including Germany, at its plant-based products factory in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.