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Uwe Tost appointed to the Management Board

Vion Food Group has appointed Uwe Tost, Director Supply Chain Pork Germany, to the Management Board for the Landshut and Vilshofen plants and will work even more closely with Erzeugergemeinschaft Südbayern (The Southern Bavarian Producers’ Association) in future.

Landshut/Vilshofen, 17 April 2023. “Uwe Tost has many years of experience in the sector. Along with Franz Beringer from EG Südbayern, we have the ideal pair to lead our joint operations in one of Germany’s strongest cattle regions,” explains Leon Cuypers, COO Pork at Vion Food Group, following a strategy meeting with Erwin Hochecker, Willi Wittmann and Franz Beringer on the Management Board of EG Südbayern. EG Südbayern has over 10,000 farming members and maintains a 49% share of each of the recently restructured state-of-the-art pork abattoirs in Vilshofen and Landshut.

“Close cooperation with the farming sector will make our combined strength even more effective. Especially in today’s challenging market, long-standing partners are crucial for ensuring a stable meat supply,” comments Uwe Tost on another outcome of the high-level meeting. This close alliance will accelerate future collaboration within the supply chains of the two organisations, enabling each pork product to be traced back to its respective piglet producer in the region.

Franz Beringer has been Managing Director for EG Südbayern in Vilshofen and Landshut since 2019. He says, “these are precisely the chains that will be aligned more closely with what food retailers and consumers are looking for in terms of animal welfare, sustainability and regionalism.” According to Beringer, the collaboration will also include “the largest cattle abattoir in Germany, namely Vion Waldkraiburg, which has maintained a close partnership with us and our producers for many years.”