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Vion seeks to expand its position in Belgium

Boxtel, 5 January 2021 – Vion Food Group intends to acquire beef producer Adriaens in Zottegem (Belgium) after a period of intensive cooperation. Through this acquisition, Vion wishes to focus on regional strengthening in Western Europe, alongside its locations in the Netherlands and Germany. Adriaens has 126 employees and these will be transferred to the new organisation.

Vion is an international food company active in meat and plant-based meat substitutes. Vion’s strategy focuses on the development of regional chains that are distinctive and connect producers and consumers in terms of quality and price.

CEO Ronald Lotgerink: “Our customers want to see what they are buying and where it comes from. That’s why we are working on regional chains that are assembled based on the demand from our customers. With the strengthening of our beef activities in Belgium, we will achieve a better spread of our activities for our customers in Western Europe. Together with the Adriaens team, we hope to further strengthen the Vion group’s relationships with farmers and customers in this important Western European region for beef cattle.”

Belgian cattle are known for their high-quality meat. With the intended take-over Vion wants to establish a strong supply chain that guarantees quality and transparency in the beef market.


Vion Holding N.V. is an international food company with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as sales support offices in 13 countries worldwide. In 2019, Vion had a turnover of € 5.1 billion, employing 12,000 staff.

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