Largest staff integration at Vion started in Landshut last week

Date: 07-12-2020

The first 180 of 3,300 new employees are permanently hired

Buchloe, 7 December 2020Ahead of the German Parliament passing the new Occupational Health and Safety Act for the meat industry (Arbeitsschutzkontrollgesetz), Vion is implementing the planned new regulations. Within a month and at all 16 German locations, 3,300 employees from contracting companies will be given permanent employment at Vion starting on 1 January 2021. The implementation of this integration of staff, the largest of its kind, already began on 1 December 2020 in Landshut. “In the key areas of slaughtering, deboning and packaging, we have provided permanent employment for approx. 180 employees permanent employment here, and now directly employ 400 people at our plant in Lower Bavaria,” says HR Director Roger Legath.

At all Vion locations, the employee base has once more grown significantly. This increases the company’s challenges. Legath explains: “Vion looks forward to welcoming the new employees. We have developed an extensive welcome package and are assisting our new employees in their integration journeys through language courses and accommodation hunting. We strive for the complete integration of the people at work and at home.”

90 percent of the incoming colleagues at Vion, mainly from Eastern European EU member states, welcome the new regulations. They now enjoy greater job security and have their interests represented through the local works council. “These are just a few of the innovations; employees in Germany have been covered by state social security since 2015,” says Roger Legath. In the future, there will be an intensive collaboration with the German permanent workforce. This concerns all areas of production.

The integration of new employees is a great challenge that the company is handling with great commitment. At all its German sites, Vion wants to provide the new employees with a sense of a new home not just at work, but in their private lives as well. Integration is the most important project and runs concurrently – initially with language courses and everyday assistance. The priority in doing so is securing decent housing. In Landshut, this has been accomplished for employees and their families.

From 1 January 2021, Vion will employ 6.000 employees on its own across 16 locations in Germany.