Management changes at Vion Germany

Date: 13-02-2020

Boxtel, Netherlands, 13 February 2020 – Bernd Stange, COO of the Vion Business Unit Beef, will be appointed as member of the new Vion Advisory Council (Beirat) for German operations as of July 2020. He will be succeeded by David de Camp, current Cluster Director North of the Business Unit Pork in Germany.


David will, together with the Beef team, focus on implementing the new Vion strategy that comprises of building future proof sustainable food chains. Vion calls these chains; BBC’s (Building Balanced Chains) which have the objective to build long term relationships in order to give farmers a stable future and to offer our customers more differentiation in products. The new Beirat will connect with external stakeholders to advise the Vion Executive Committee on business and societal developments in Germany.


The director’s position of David de Camp will be handed over to Leon Cuypers, currently Director Supply Chain within Vion.


Ronald Lotgerink (CEO Vion): “Creating a Beirat for Vion in Germany will strengthen our market position in a turbulent environment. It was on my wish list for a long time and I am happy that one of our most seasoned and experienced executives Bernd Stange will become its first member and advisor to the Executive Committee. During more than four decades Bernd built a company in the meat sector that has become the market leader for Beef in Germany. I am very grateful for this achievement and for his contribution to our past, present and future activities. Furthermore I like to welcome David de Camp, who has been working in the industry in Germany since the 1990’s and with Vion since 2016. He will initially focus on getting to know the people and businesses of Beef before he will take over the helm as COO Beef from July onwards. I also welcome Leon Cuypers, who will succeed David. I am happy to say that both David and Leon come from within Vion. Finally, I believe that providing growth opportunities for our talented people is critical for our long term success as Vion.”