Vion Breeder Days: Inspiration and discussion on the theme ‘Working together on a successful pig supply chain’

Date: 29-03-2019

On Tuesday 19 March and Tuesday 26 March 2019, Vion Farming (NL) organised two meetings for breeders in the South and North-East regions (NL), respectively. Over 170 breeders attended these days. The meetings focused on the chances and challenges in the pig industry and the importance of cooperation in strong supply chains.

Helping to build successful supply chains
Dutch pig farming occupies a leading position internationally. At the same time, there is a lot of societal pressure on the sector. Innovation and effective cooperation in the supply chain are essential to be able to take up an optimal position. Breeders are the decisive starting link in this process. How can they, from the position that they are in, help build a successful supply chain? This central question of the meetings prompted an inspiring dialogue.

Working on strong supply chains
Over the past years, Vion has responded strongly to the development of demand-driven supply chains with the introduction of innovative Good Farming concepts. Besides Good Farming Star, Good Farming Organic and Good Farming Balance are also leading supply chain concepts. Following the word of welcome by COO of Vion Pork John de Jonge, Koen van Bergen – Director Livestock and Supply Chains at Vion Pork – addressed the importance of demand-driven supply chains, effective cooperation in these chains and the role breeders play in this process. “A successful supply chain is an ecosystem in which all links in the chain are connected. This supply chain is strongly data driven, and Vion translates these data from and to the market for pork.”

Improving animal health
Bert Urlings, Director Quality Assurance and Public Affairs at Vion, used a number of practical examples to illustrate how effective cooperation in the supply chain results in healthy piglets and delicious meat. He also indicated in which pig farming fields progress already has been made. The BigIDee concept was put forward as a means of improving piglet vitality. “Healthy piglets ultimately become healthier porkers. Market demand can be met more easily, together with pig farmers, through a better quality and continuity of the piglet flow. Exchanging data throughout the supply chain is the key to success,” said Bert Urlings.

Demonstration by Vion master butchers
The official programme was concluded with a demonstration and inspiration session by master butchers René Rougoor (plant manager Vion Scherpenzeel) and Bertus Hofman (Vion Scherpenzeel). They boned a middle, ham and shoulder of a pig, demonstrating where the different pieces of meat come from and explaining the demands of the different markets.

Responses from the visitors were positive. John de Jonge: “The breeders as well as Vion can use this constructive dialogue as a basis for further optimisation of cooperation in the supply chain.”

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